Visiting the Netherlands!

I’m back home!! WHAT? Yes! Back in the Netherlands, for a little while. I had to leave the states because of my visa and I didn’t feel like going somewhere else, even though I tried hard to find a place what felt good to go to next, but it didn’t feel right. I won’t be long in the Netherlands. I want to go back to the states this summer. I am thinking about August. In the Netherlands I am going to work on my new website, what will be soon released and I am focusing on writing, in the meanwhile I am going to work a bit. Also I am diving into the process of USA workvisa’s. I have a work opportunity in the USA were I am looking forward to and feel excited about.

The last 3 months were a BIG adventure. I have learned a lot. The retreats of Bentinho Massaro were clarifying. I dove deeper into my own diving suit and became aware of a lot of things what doesn’t serve me anymore. Unlearning. I discovered sides of myself I didn’t even know and met incredible people were I feel at home with.

Life was intense the last months. A rollercoaster. Walking on mountaintops and in valleys. The contrast was big and felt extreme. But isn’t that the point of learning and growing? A perfect emotional guiding system what is telling you everything you need to know in order to grow, to become aware of your (limited) thinking patrons, so you can make (other) choices? Choosing to be the unlimited, creative and  powerful being as I am and as we all are. Designing our lives, as we prefer it to be.

The funny thing is, that we don’t have to do anything. We are doing to much, trying to hard and wearing to much different costumes, but in fact, the only thing we have to is to RELAX, to be ourselves, as we are. Simply show up, exist! Wide open, transparent. Following the natural flow of life, what will attract anything we desire. How simple can it be. UNLEARNING everything, so we can just be and act on our highest excitement, what gives us so much happiness in life. Isn’t that what life is about?

It feels good to be in the Netherlands for a while. In the first place to see my wonderful family and friends what makes home, home. 2nd, to ride my bicycle! Always when I come back after traveling, I can appreciate the Netherlands so much more. Seeing the beauty in everything what I took for granted, but it’s so incredible beautiful. Looking trough the same eyes, other perspective.

Looking at the world as you say it is and it becomes as you say it is.

Stay tuned and focus on TODAY! Have a good one!


In love,









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