To the trouble makers of my life.

This is a letter to all trouble makers of my life,

I have something to say.
I want to thank you, for all the pains and struggles you have caused.
For all the moments you made me angry and upset,
For your behavior that frustrated me endlessly.

For so long, I wanted you to be different.
Or to be honest, I didn’t want you to exist in my life.
But you simply did, no matter if I liked it or not.

waisted energy, struggles and frictions.
It became clear when I could surrender
You had shown me something huge, what I couldn’t see.
What I didn’t want to see.

It was not about you, it has been all about me.
I realized that it was so easy for me to resist you
because you pointed out the part I resisted in myself.

The ugly part, the dark side
I didn’t want to be reminded on that wounded part of me.
It was so painful, that I had to protect it.
I did not see that the wound wanted to be healed.

You have been a mirror.
And when I finally found the courage to look in the mirror,
I could see myself, to heal myself.

I did see you as my enemy, but actually you are my best friend.
You have pointed out the lessons I needed to learn,
You helped me grow, you helped me heal.
I appreciate you for everything you have done, for everything you are.

You, a reflection of me.
Thank you.
I love you

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