Camino de Santiago 9 – The end and a begin! (Part 2)

After the mass we picked up our certificates with our names written drown on it and had lunch with everyone in the park. We walked around, had a couple drinks,  diner and where celebrating life together. It felt as if I was living in a movie. The next day our legs wanted to walk again, so we did. We started walking to the ocean. Normally you can walk it in 3 long days of 22, 32 and 35km. But since the moment we left Santiago, it started to rain. Not a bit, but like being under the shower with your cloches on kind of rain showers and the wind almost blew us over. Happily it wasn’t cold. The walk was trough a muddy forrest up en down the hills. It felt like a blessing to me.. to wash of all the last parts of my old me. I really enjoyed it. Walking with a silent mind, enjoying every drip peacefully. Bliss! After walking for 12 km we were soaked, shoes, socks, underwear, everything. We had lunch in a bar. The bartender told us that the next albergues were all full. We had 2 options; staying in a empty house sleeping on the floor or walking for 20km more. We choose to stay and all found a spot on the floor in the empty house around the corner. We had a great rest of the day, evening and night. Much wine and a lot of fun. We slept close to each other in the empty house to keep us all warm. We were all pretty drunk and laughed our asses off that night, the empty house had a special effect on that. For a moment we thought my dad would die laughing, he couldn’t stop laughing for hours.

The next morning we carried on.. again in the rain. Instead of 3 days it took us 5 days to reach the coast. On top of the last hill we saw the ocean and started yelling!! The sun broke trough and it was sunny the rest of our days in Spain. Sunny and beautiful Finesterra!! Rodrigo came to Finesterra to see us all and we had diner together. We walked to the lighthouse and to the beach, we took our cloches of and jumped naked into the ocean! A moment I was looking forward to since the beginning! Cold, Fresh, Clean and light. We stayed on the beach around the campfire till late in the night, singing, sharing, eating, drinking and talking. We all booked a hotel, so the next morning we slept as rocks till noon and went to the beach for a day of sun bathing and swimming. After the last meal together that night, I went to the beach again with Matt and Kim only. We talked again about the incredible camino. They left after a while and I decided to stay a little longer, the moon was so bright. I wrote earlier a letter about everything I wanted to say, the things I’m grateful for, my dreams, my wishes, my prayers and all that I wanted to leave behind. I was reading it out loud and burned the letter.

After saying bye to the others the next morning, we went with Steffi and Arnaud to Muxia. A magical place. We were sitting on the rocks, starring at the ocean. A little piece of my letter didn’t burn last night and I had taken it with me. I burned the rest of it on the rocks in Muxia. This was the very last day of our camino. A special day and moment, for Arnaud too. He drunk his last glass of whiskey on the rocks, on the rock. We said goodbye to steffi and Arnaud and took the bus to Santiago. Arnaud, one of the most beautiful and loving persons I’ve met, was struggling so much with himself. I hope that one day he can see and love himself the way I do. My dad and I enjoyed our last meal and evening in Santiago and went home the next day…

Great to see ‘my people’ again at home. I slept some nights in the backyard of my parents under the stars and full moon. I started to question myself the question others asked me the last days.. What are you going to do now? Finding a job? What is your plan?

Hmm… To be honest I don’t have and make much plans. The only plan I have is that I’m going to Norway for the coming week with the very last money I have. I have a lot of ideas, but no idea what I’m exactly going to do. For sure I am going to work a bit, my bank account is turning red. But how, what and were?.. I don’t know. I’m feeling so rich already without any money in my back account. I feel and I trust that I’ll find my way and that opportunities will meet me. The only thing what I have to do… is to keep on surrendering, to trust and believe that it all will work out for me.

Like Peter, the homeless guy, said.. “Trust and don’t worry, otherwise you are not able to see the opportunities and everything that comes your way”. Beautiful things are happening and about to happen. I am exited!!

I’m high in the sky flying to Norway right now. I am started a new book or new chapter.. 

Feeling blessed and grateful.

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