The lessons of children! Superhero’s!

An update. It’s been a while I posted my last blog. I am still in Boulder. I love this place. For the last 3 weeks, I’ve stayed with a family with 2 wonderful children, a girl (1) and boy (3). Their father left for 3 weeks for a trip to the North Pole. I helped my host, Maria, out with the children and things in the house. I had my own bed and bathroom and was able to use one of their cars. Also they let me use their professional video camera, were I had a lot of fun with.

I spend much time with the children and they where such a mirror and great teachers. I almost forgot how it is to be fully in the moment ALL THE TIME. To be curious about anything and to have an unlimited imagination. Not one single moment worrying about a thing, apart from not having enough soap anymore to create magical rainbow bubbles in bath….. and to forget about that a second later, as soon as the attention is focused on something else.

Children are one of the greatest teachers for us. They present us exactly what we broadcast. Emotions, behaviors, struggles. They feel it, more then we do in ourselves sometimes. The children start to respond on that what’s in our energy field.

The weeks of being with the family gave me lot’s of insights. The children reflected perfectly how I was feeling. I became more aware of how I feel in every moment and the limited- not feeling good- thoughts I was thinking. Becoming aware of it gave me the opportunity to change it! It led me to a better state of being vibrational and emotionally.

Thoughts are creating the way you feel. And the way you feel is creating your reality.

Becoming aware of how you feel in the moment is the first step in order the change it. The 2nd: Relax into that feeling. It’s okay to feel the way you feel if you don’t feel as good as you want to feel. Be happy about the fact you’ve become aware of it now!! The third step: Think about how you want to feel, by thinking about something what makes you feel happy and FEEL IT.

It is important and powerful to become aware of your how you feel. Play with it and feel that you can change instantly. You will not only feel/see result by the way you feel, but also how the outer world is responding. It changes because you have changed. You get back what you send out. It’s all a reflection.

The more happy I felt, the more I felt a stronger connection with myself and the children, the more fun we had together. We got lost in our imaginations. I forgot how much fun it is to play hide and seek and to run around the house with a towel as cape. Feeling powerful and imagine to be a superhero in this world. What we all actually are.

SUPERHEROS on this planet we call earth!

The last 3 weeks, these children were my superhero’s!

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