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Make the last 3 months of 2018 transformational! 

28 september – 28 december

“Being not dead, is something else than being ALIVE”. 

Are you sleep walking through life, unclear of what you want, waiting for something magical to happen that makes it all clear and that is going to bring you happiness? 


What if you could BE joyful and BE ALIVE NOW?

What if you could have a full and complete experience of life?


The wanting and waiting is what keeps you in, what I call, a “being not dead” state of being instead of being ALIVE and experiencing joy, love, adventure, creativity, satisfaction and flow in your life…   From ALIVEness clarity will arise and questions will be answered, or better said: most questions will fall away. 

The focus of this program is to live your life with intention (purpose) and to design your life in such way that it breathes your intention. Right now. In a very practical, playful and transformative way.


It’s about designing your life VS. just doing things.

There is no BECOMING, there is only BEING!


It doesn’t take effort to be ALIVE, but it does take a willingness and honest self-reflection to become aware of everything that keeps you from being ALIVE. 


This isn’t a program where I am promising you a specific outcome, there are no guarantees and this is not a “HOW TO.. bla bla bla in 10 steps” kind of program. It is an invitation, a guidance, a reflection, a playful intentional game and a sharing in openness and honesty (which WILL change your life ;)). 5 other people including myself will walk beside you and play the same game!

I am excited to work and play with you

if you are ready…

…to SAY YES to life, to move out of your comfort zone, to start PLAYing, to trust the bigger part of you, to be willing to be uncomfortable, to pop your bubbles of limitations by proving yourself wrong and above all to have a shitload of fun! Life is supposed to be fun and glorious and the challenges on the path only enrich the experience!

It’s a 3 month journey together. 


I bring the distinctions, the tools, the practices, I bring the one on one coaching sessions, the group calls and my experiences.


You bring the heart and the willingness to step into something new!


Together we create a tribe that supports each of us in creating and LIVING the lives we love. Not sometime in the future, but NOW. We design how to best support each other, experiment, play, Be authentic, take risks and laugh hard when we mess up.



WE KICKSTART with a weekend

 We start Friday the 28th of september at 16:00 and end the weekend on the 30rd at 16:00.


Getting to know each other. Sharing where we are at. Getting clear on what makes you come alive. We get creative and start to design a practical architecture for your life which you are excited to wake up to every morning. We go sailing if the weather is nice.



Make the last 3 months of 2018 transformational!

START: 28 september 2018
END: 28 december 2018


The 28th of september at 16:00 till the 30rd to 16:00.
Location: Oorgat, Edam (20 min above Amsterdam by bus/car)


This program includes workshops, one-on-one sessions, group calls,
group support, closed facebook group and a Kick off weekend in Edam.


 We have to do the work ourselves, but we never have to do it alone. We have each others back and have a lot of fun in the proces while we are watching our lives change day by day, because it will!


Any questions? Contact me

Depending on the participants, this program will be held in Dutch or English.

Apply ONLY if it is an absolute FUCK YES!

You sign up by sending a short motivation letter/video to

Limited spots available.

or click the button!

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