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4 faces 6 edges

4 faces 6 edges

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This painting has a calm, neutral, yet sharp and somewhat chaotic energy. This painting symbolizes the inherent neutrality in every situation and every moment. Nothing is what seems to be at face value and nothing has built-in meaning, apart from the meaning we give to things. We see everything from a perspective and give it meaning according to our beliefs. Every perspective is as true as it is not.

If you look at this painting, you see lines and colors, if you look a little longer you see triangles, if you look deeper than that, you will see that all triangles are part of a tetrahedron. There are infinite points of view to look at something. All are equally valid. To understand the different perspectives, we have to look deeper into the points of view, without judgment, and at the same time we have to zoom out in order to see the larger context wherein it is all happening. In the bigger picture, all points of view resolve and disappear once it is seen that it is all part of one painting, one truth. All can be perceived from infinite perspectives, with each their unique colors, flavors, shapes and forms.

SYMBOL of Diversity, Neutrality, Self-Assurance & Harmony 

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