Your heart is not just your heart
You can’t claim it,
You can’t own it.

Your heart is a like a poem.
A piece of art
A melody.

Your heart knows everything
But it doesn’t speak in words.
It doesn’t give you a map
It doesn’t ask you to become.

It is inviting you to trust.
It is encouraging you to be.
It is asking you to love

Above all, it is hinting you to listen.
In silence.

It won’t say it will be easy.
It doesn’t promise that you’ll never make a mistake
And it is not going to make sense.
But it will always speak the truth.
It will always be the truth.

In truth it will blossom and bloom.
It will grow and let go
It will shine like the sun
It will… Love

Let it fill you up
Every moment
Of every now.
And it will be a golden now.
No matter the season.

Trust and listen
To your precious heart

Because your heart…
Is the heart of the universe.

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