Painting Frida Kahlo

In august 2017, Teri and I painted a portrait of Frida Kahlo on Cocles beach in Costa Rica. Mark van Welzenis made a mini film of it.

Click here to watch it

POEM in the video

Our life is like an empty canvas
Pure, blanc and unwritten
We can paint anything, we can create anything.

Artists we are,
Artist of life.

Like Frida,
Like me,
Like you

By following our highest excitements,
No matter what it takes.
We free ourselves, we liberate ourselves

I am you, you are me,
We are all ONE.
Liberated and free


A project of ShapeShifterArts
Painted by Teri Davis & Roeleke Schepers.
Film by Mark van Welzenis.
Location: Cocles beach, Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica

Special Thanks to: Paula & team at Reggea Chill
Hannah and Ariel at Casa Club Dub
& The community of Cocles beach

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