• The brilliant minds behind H🌎ME DAO intivited me to make their first NFT collection, portraying 11 great Innovators in Sustainability. I did't have to think long, I felt honoured.

    Some of the 11 individuals chosen for the Home DAO NFT drop were among the most inspiring people in my life. Tapping into the consciousness of these innovative souls connected me to the essence of what wanted to be created on their behalf for each unique NFT artwork. I am grateful for HomeDao's trust in me. It is a joy to collaborate with people who see, believe and create a better world for all.

    H🌎ME DAO is een impact DAO that funds public goods, starting with renewable energy, to build a better world. They are the convergence of real-world sustainable assets, decentralized project financing, and community-driven collaboration to reduce the cost of humanities basic needs, and create abundance as they “redefine the nature of living” on and in our H🌎ME.

  • *Not the final artwork

The Great Innovator Collection


Here’s an abstract preview of the “Great Innovators in Sustainability” NFT Collection.

Can you guess who will be featured?

You can view the artworks in my Art Gallery

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“The two directions of thinking are the outward direction toward your material equipment which gives you your resources, and the inward direction toward your mental equipment, which gives you your resourcefulness.”

― Walter Russell