Xtraordinaries is a NFT art project by Roeleke

  • About Xtraordinaries


    The aim is to inspire people through story telling, to look with different eyes at themselves, others and ordinary things in life. To discover how Xtraordinary every person, thing and moment is.

    Not by being special but by just being who we are: ordinary LOVE.

    LOVE is here now. Present. Shining through each and everyone of us- and it can be found in all ordinary moments and things.

    Love is what makes all Xtraordinary. 

  • Current & First Collection

    Xtraordinaries Humans

    Xtraordinaries are humans from all walks of life. From different cultures, religions, orientations and backgrounds. Ordinary human beings, extraordinary in their uniqueness. 

    All of them are deeply searching for who they truly are, beyond their appearances, bodies and all that the world defines them to be. On their journey, they find what unites and connects them: Love.

    They are devoted to be, express and share just that: Love- in their own unique colors and style. They convey a specific message of love and forgiveness, as a reminder to be what we are already: Ordinary LOVE.

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  • Future Collections

    Xtraordinary Moments & Xtraordinary Things

    I intent to create a collection of Xtraordinary Moments and Xtraordinary Things. Simple ordinary things and moments in daily life that are easily overlooked. 

    The little things that are always there but are often missed, and if we really stopped to see them, we would be stunned by their Xtraordinary beauty. 

  • Collaborations

    Xtraordinary Co-Creations

    I would like to create collections in co-creation with others. For example: with artists who can make animations of the artworks, musicians who add music and/or other creative collaborations that we co-design.

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