"In every aspect of life, symmetry and order reveal the universe's secrets."

Embrace a new era of well-being with AwakeningTechnology, where we utilize the power of sacred geometry, Platonic Bodies and cutting-edge products to enhance your health, consciousness, and potential like never before.

We've entered a new age of technology

AwakenigTechnologies discovered a groundbreaking approach to utilize terahertz waves.

Our quantum field generator imbues crystalline materials with lasting harmonizing vibrations. The products, composed of purified rock crystals, shungite, and gold, carry AwakeningTechnology's charge, creating a consciousness-elevating energy field.

This field neutralizes detrimental radiation and electrosmog, providing healing and transformation for individuals, animals, and plants.

  • The Power of Sacred Geometry

    At first glance, the creation of our universe may seem random, but deeper exploration reveals recurring structures and regularities.

    Sacred geometry forms the fundamental building blocks of existence, instilling harmony and equilibrium into our lives.

    These patterns and structures are found in everything in existence and therefor align our energies with the natural order of the cosmos, forging a deeper connection with our inner selves and the surrounding world.

    This connection empowers us to attain elevated well-being, heightened consciousness, and the potential for profound transformation.

  • The Making of The Products

    The products are composed of carefully selected alchemical blends, including purified rock crystals, shungite, gold, and energized water structures. These materials are bound in a complex process to create and shape the geometrical products.

    AwakeningTechnology's quantum field generator elevates these materials to a harmonic terahertz frequency, charging its atomic structure. This amplifies the power of the Platonic Bodies to a higher level of cosmic vibration.

    Behind every product lies a universe of wisdom, precision, and love.

  • Defend Against Electrosmog

    Within the product's energy field, negative electromagnetic frequencies are harmonized, serving as a shield against their effects.

  • Enhanced Vitality and Energy Flow

    Make use of the elemental force of the universe to invigorate both body and mind. Embrace a surge of newfound creative energy.

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction

    AwakeningTechnology possesses the unique ability to harmonize chakras and subtle energy fields, naturally alleviating tense nerves and internal obstructions.

  • Catalyze Healing

    Harmful influences disrupt the natural vibration and communication of our cells. Surrounding yourself with AwakeningTechnology triggers automatic resonance in your body and aura, supporting your innate healing potential.

  • Elevate Your Sleep Quality

    Create a protected and balanced environment within your bedroom, allowing your body to relax and regenerate.

  • Harmony and Joy

    Every emotion, whether positive or negative, emanates its own subtle energy field, influencing your surroundings. The products harmonize and balance low-frequency, disharmonic energies

In the beginning of creation, intelligent energy emerged.

This force, responsible for the cosmic expansion, the vibrancy of every atom, and the animation of matter, is described through various terms across different traditions.

In the Vedic tradition, it is known as Prana, while traditional Chinese medicine refers to it as Qui or Chi. Germanic mythology mentions Vril or Od, Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined the term "Orgone Energy." And in the realm of Terahertz frequencies, Reiner Gebbensleben termed it "Hypersonic."

This form of energy, which is only indirectly measurable in a physical sense, operates as a scalar wave at the quantum level, serving as the fundamental essence of all life.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a pioneer in understanding and applying life energy, introduced the term "orgone" in the 1950s. With his developed devices, he brought healing to numerous individuals. Since then, researchers worldwide have endeavored to enhance these orgone and terahertz waves, with the primary goal of making use of their potential.

After years of dedicated research and engineering, the team has achieved a groundbreaking advancement in high-frequency technology.

Through our innovative quantum field generator, we have the capability to infuse the atomic structure of crystalline matter with a harmonizing terahertz frequency band, thus bestowing it with a permanent energy source.

Following quantum field impregnation, our unique blend of crystalline materials can store orgone or hypersonic energy, amplified approximately one hundredfold, and continuously release it for an extended span of around 70 years.

Be actively part of the

Transformation of the planet

From a spiritual point of view, the frequency of our AwakeningTechnology corresponds to a higher density of consciousness. We are currently in an energetic ascension of the Planetary Sphere and its inhabitants. The technology actively help to raise the frequency of all life and facilitate the ascension.

The Universal Blueprint

The 5 Platonic bodies

The Dodecahedron - Embracing the Ether

The dodecahedron represents the supreme geometric form, opening your spiritual channel to universal life energy. It brings balance and heightened awareness, stimulating the crown chakra and offering a special connection to the divine.

The Icosahedron - Flowing Like Water

The icosahedron fosters inner harmony and balance. It releases burdensome emotions and nurtures devotion and increased sensitivity. It connects with your emotional body, offering peace and harmony.

The Octahedron - Breathing Air

The octahedron brings clarity and balance into your life, offering insights and a lightness of being. It activates the heart chakra, helping you recognize and integrate visions into your life.

The Hexahedron - Rooted in Earth

The hexahedron, the original form of the material world, represents stability and grounding. It activates the root chakra and provides clarity, structure, and order in your life.

The Tetrahedron - Igniting the Fire

The tetrahedron infuses life energy into your surroundings, promoting dynamism, willpower, and assertiveness. It activates the solar plexus chakra and dissolves blocking energies.

  • Is it possible to perceive this energy?

    The energy emanating from the products is so potent that a significant portion of individuals can directly perceive its high-frequency nature.

    Gently press the thumb of your left hand against the palm of your right hand to activate the hand chakras.
    While smoothly moving your activated hand from top to bottom, notice the changes in air quality and temperature in the room.

  • Then the same hand movement is performed over the AwakeningTechnology object. Depending on how practiced and sensitive you are, a "tingling/prickling," "resistance," "warm air" and also slight counterpressure can be felt.

    Sensitivity can be practiced by repeated touching and eventually even the whole aura of the object can be perceived.The more objects you "feel" over time, the more you will notice the intense, pleasant aura of our AwakeningTechnology.

NOTES: The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant people. Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science.
Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects described on our homepage are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individual persons. We do not make any healing promises. Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.