About me

Hey, I’m Roeleke (a unusual Dutch name). I am a painter and digital artist from the Netherlands.
You can call me Ro.

My work is an expression of what I find on my journey that is centred around the question: Who AM I?

Shapes, forms, stories and visuals present themselves in (day)dreams, meditations or are inspired by the different cultures and people that I meet.

You will find in my work symbolism, geometrical shapes and eyes. Every art piece is intending to open the door to the unknown and mystery of life. To that what is at the core of everything… every human, object, shape, form and color.

I am always wondering if people who are looking at my art pieces, are experiencing what I experienced when I created them. I may never know, but it lights me to think of my art like books… that tell stories and whisper messages to whoever wanna hear them.

Creating art isn’t the only thing that I do. I am also co-developing a game for creators on a mission who desire to know more about themselves in a very practical way. It is called Be Your Game. It is bases on my own discoveries, experience and (sometimes) arduous journey for the truth: Who am I and why am I here.

I studied physical therapy, traveled to the corners of the world, joined meditation retreats, spend weeks by myself in nature, walked the ‘Camino De Santiago’ and lived with a community in an old monastery…. only to find out that I or ‘it’ can’t be found in the world, nor in the body or in anything else. ‘It’ can only be realised. 

Be Your Game is a practical tool that has helped me align my day to day life with who I am and want to be.

It is a co-creation and a story told by The Mykel, our friends from outer space. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions or you like to connect or collaborate, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to connect.

I am especially interested in collaboration within the Web3 space lately. 

xx Roeleke

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