Roeleke | One on One
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In Dutch and English

I am available for you, to listen, to invite, to guide, to talk, to play, to teach and to reflect. Not one session is the same and the purpose of my work is very simple. My purpose is to support you, to the best of my ability, to bring out the best of you, so you are able to design and create the life experience you want. 


There is nothing more enjoyable than to become clear on what you want and to stay focussed, while you are taking leaps of faith, move out of your comfort zone and drop into the highest version of yourself in a creative and playful way. All that is needed is a shift in your state of being. It’s simple, though not easy. It requires focus, dedication and the willingness to let go of what you think and believe yourself to be, to make space for who you truly are and for what you truly want. It is not so much about learning, it’s about unlearning everything that is in your way and holds you back. 

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey. As long as you are ready and up for change and have a strong desire to bring out the best of you. I am here for you!

 Adventure, creativity, fun, success, peace of mind, the BIG and BOLD life you want to live and all else you desire is waiting for you.

and the world too.

Introduction call

The introduction call of 15 min is free. We can get to know each other, I can tell you how I work and together we will find out if I am the right match for you. 

Sessions & Package

1 session of 1 hour €75 euro

1 intensive session of 2,5 hour. €150 

4x 1 hour package €275

8x 1 hour package €500

3 months

One 2,5 -hour kick off session

Six 1-hour sessions

Six 20 minute sessions

Unlimited WhatsApp


What people say

What people reflect back to me as being very helpful is their journey is this: I help people see the beauty in everything and in all moments. I have a playful and creative approach, I help people see their infinite possibilities and turn every ‘negative’, ‘problem’ or  obstacle into something to play with, build upon and to use in advantage. Every rule is bendable.