Messing up, over and over again!

Eventually everyone will be right, until than, let’s keep on messing up.
It’s such an exhausting thought to think I have to be right.
or to think that I AM right.
or desire to be right.

I am never right, I keep on messing up.
And I am always right, even when I mess up.
I make a mistake here, wasn’t so nice there.
Sometimes ignorant, sometimes a little arrogant.
Maybe it is not my intention, but it happens.
Again, and again.
But who cares.

I don’t have to feel bad, I don’t have to doubt myself.
I don’t have to slip into victimhood
I don’t have to feel miserable
I don’t have to feel unworthy
I don’t have to wish that it never happened.

I simply messed up.
Fell on the ground,
Burst my knee
And stood back up!
As right and wrong as it could be.
As burning and painful as it is and was.

Owning my mistakes is liberating.
I thank myself for another experience.
For another lesson that is learned.
GREAT. What a blessing.

Let’s celebrate that I messed up again!
Let’s celebrate that we are messing up and keep on messing up.
Let’s celebrate that we, in fact, are one big human mess.
Divine and beautifully so.

The juice of messing up is sweet and tasty,
if we gratefully own it!

CHEERS to all people who mess up,
Over and over again.


Much love,
A happy messed up mess that keeps on messing up.


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