Letter of love to parents

Lovely parents,

We want to say you something. First of all, we love you and we appreciate you for who you are. Mom and dad, you did your best to give us everything you thought what was best for us. You taught us what you’ve learned from your parents and from society to help and protect us as good as you can. The thing is… We think differently, we don’t feel really comfortable in the life you picture for us. We don’t fit in a society we don’t really understand. We see possibilities and believe in other things. We feel how it can be and how a lot of structures and believe systems we have created doesn’t serve us anymore. We have more interest in finding out who we really are and what we came to do in this life time. We feel inspired to explore and to sift trough the contrast. We discovered that we, in order to change the world to a world we want to live in, we can’t live and believe in the same way as you are used to. We can’t and we don’t want to. We came here to experience the contrast to know what we don’t want, so we can figure out what we do want.

No, it isn’t always the easiest path we choose for ourselves, but this is what we want. Even if we don’t remember it in times of great struggle. The contrast we experience is guiding us. I can imagine that it isn’t easy to see your child struggling, but that is to help us, to find out what we really want, were we came for. Without the contrast we wouldn’t know witch way to go. If everything would feel as good, we would keep repeating and continue everything what we see and learn from you and society. We wouldn’t question it, we wouldn’t think for ourselves and we wouldn’t have the desire to realize our dreams. Everything would stay the same in this world as it is right now. We wouldn’t explore new ways of living or come up with innovative ideas. We wouldn’t figure out how we can help the human raise. And that is exactly what we are here for. We choose to be here in this time/space reality right now, to bring change, to spread love. The contrast we experience sometimes with you, in this society and the world is reminding us on our mission. The mission and intention we had when we decided to come back to planet earth. We are grateful for the reminders.

Now a day we know that we can trust ourselves. We’ve learned to care about how we feel. If something doesn’t feel good, we don’t do it, even if you so would like us to do it. It’s nothing personal. We are just true to ourselves and we learn more and more to trust our inner knowing, even if the world tells us to believe or do something different and even if you disagree, because you care so much about us. Only we know what we feel. The validation of others doesn’t mean much to us any longer. It is not that we don’t want to listen. We get and feel what you are saying. It’s coming from a loving heart. We just don’t need the validation outside of ourselves any more. If something doesn’t resonate, we know that it isn’t true for us. We trust our inner guidance. It has the bigger picture and it’s letting us know, step by step, trough our feelings witch way to go. We don’t have to know everything; the only thing we have to do is to trust our guts, our feelings and to be true to that. Our only job. The only real job for us all.

That is what makes us happy. It makes our playful hearts come alive. It helps us realize the life of our dreams while we are of great service to the world. Creating a world we want to live in, a world that is different than the world you know.

Have a little faith. Give us the space to follow our own path. Let us go in love and trust that everything will work out for us, because it will. Join us if you want in this exciting time of big changes! All together we’ll make it happen.

Feel the love and appreciation we feel for you, mom and dad. Thank you for raising us and for your unconditional love.

Your children.



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