I’m packing my bags

On February 28th 2016 I  will leave The Netherlands. I will travel with everything I have left by then; a backpack with some clothes, a laptop and my camera. 

I’ve never been so sure as I am now about my new plans. The first weekend of this year, I went to a retreat. It was filled with meditations, dance, ecstatic energy and beautiful people. Inspiration flew through my body. I grabbed a pen and started to write. Within a few minutes it was written down… a plan, with a decision which I apparently had made already without being aware of it. I was staring at the paper with the written words….

“I’m going to quit my job, I’m going to sell all my stuff and I book a one-way ticket to the rest of the world, wherever that may be. The starting destination: Hawaii, where I will go for a 4-day retreat of Bentinho Massaro. After that I will know where to go next. With a clear intention to travel but also working together with other people…  It will become more clear when I’m there, I just need to follow my guts and just go. Trust! “

This is it! This I what I will do. A jump into the deep ocean, while I’m learning to swim.  I couldn’t believe it myself, but full of energy and joy I told my new friends. From Amsterdam I went straight to my parents house to tell my parents about my plans. These two people have been supporting in my choices, which hasn’t been an easy journey for them. 

Immediately, the next day, I have quit my parttime job (Physical Therapist) and my bootcamp instructor job. Now I know why it felt like I needed to create space… I already decided in the last 2 months to stop and let go of the current projects were I was working on; SCEPPT and the Dutch innovation school.

It’s a never ending journey; follow the heart and intuition will show the way, without knowing exactly were it navigates to. Being what I really am beyond my body: FREE.

I get lost sometimes in this world that we live in; in this society we have created, old patterns and systems that no longer serve us. I can’t find my way in this so I better create another reality myself! Following my excitement by crossing borders, it is what I already did in the last 5 years, but this time it will be in a different way.

As I wrote, I’m going with the intention to work and to collaborate with others too. But what it will look like I do not know yet. Of course I have ideas. First I have to take this step. The path will unfold and present itself as long as I have the deep trust and courage to follow it continually.

My enthusiasm and energy grows by what get mirrored these days.  An “I’m outta here” note on a wall or the “Hello Hawaii” sign outside of the travel agency down the street. FLOW! Exciting, thrilling and light energy..

It’s like a rollercoaster; little panicky moments, when my logical and skeptical brain is taking over, followed by relaxation, so the river of trust, love and endless possibilities can carry me effortless down the stream. An infinite amount of energy what is also keeping me awake at night.

The ticket is booked. February 28 2016 at 07:30AM… Flying high in all ways.

Warm Wishes too you all



One thought on “I’m packing my bags

  1. iele steen says:

    I feel moved how you follow your heart…
    This is giving the example to the world around you,
    and so you higher the consciousness of all on our dear Mother Earth!
    I follow you, dear Roeleke, in my heart!
    Big hug, iele

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