I stare at the photo.
For the first time I see something I have never seen before.
For the first time I experience something I’ve never experienced.

What I look at is not just a capture of a playful moment.
What I experience is not like other experiences.
It’s more and nothing.

Strong, naked and pure.
It is as if I have never seen this woman.
But I know her.
As I know everything else.

A tear rolls down my cheek.
I can’t stop looking.
I am looking at a photo of what I believed to be me.
At that what has given a name… Roeleke

It touches me deeply,
Because I haven’t treated this body with respect.
I took it for granted.
I made it mine and I hated it.
Shoulders to width, body too masculine, hands to big.

I hated this girl and not just her body.
I judged, I fought, I doubted and struggled.
I have miss-treated her,
I have mistreated me.
To be something or to be something else.

Staring with tears of forgiveness for what I’ve done.
Finally able to see the beauty of this magnificent creature.
A creation that I do not own.
A piece of art
A gift
What was never mine to begin with,
And yet it is all of me.

As beautiful as I AM,
just as

A Goddess

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