We are sitting in front of a little beach cabin in Costa Rica when I ask Mark if he wants to listen to some poems I had written.
He looks up and smiles. “I would love to!”
It is the first time I read a poem out loud and I feel a little vulnerable.
I read two poems and than I read the poem called ‘Gaia’.
When I finish, he is staring at me with a sparkle in his eyes. “I love it”
It is silent for a little while and than he says:
“I would love to make a video for the Gaia poem.
I don’t know what or how, but I want to tell the poem trough my eyes, my lens”

A couple days later we are on the beach in front of the beach cabin.
I’m playing with nature, he with his camera.

And this is the result….

A poem by the two of us.

July 2017 – Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica
Mark van Welzenis –

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