Focus on what you want to see and see it.

Do you remember the game. ‘I spy, I spy with my little eye… and it has the color red’? If you were playing that game with someone and you were asked that question; You looked around to find all red things what you did not see yet… and guess what, you saw ALL red things in the room.

The color red probably doesn’t have much meaning to you. What if you change the subject to that what does have a meaning for you. It is you deciding where you focus on. What if you only pay attention to what you prefer to see, because it makes you feel good? You won’t be annoyed by the bad drivers, the mad people on the street or the dog shit on the floor. You might even not notice it, because all things you prefer to see has your attention.

This totally change the way you feel. Focusing on positive things makes you feel better. That is exactly what we want in life. We want to feel better. We want to have, do and be so many things. All for just one reason. We think, that we feel better in the having of it. The truth is, that we can be, do or have anything we would like to be, do or have. But…… only if we feel good. We have to become it.

Choose wisely were you give your attention too. Pay more attention to the way you feel. There are so many distractions now a day that it feels impossible just to focus on the positive. But it isn’t. Even in a time like this, when seemingly horrible things happen everywhere in the world on a daily basis. Focusing on the negative and ‘fighting’ against it, is like throwing fuel on the fire. BUT there is a thing what we can do to ‘fight’ it. If we together start to focus on a world we want to live in and pay attention on things we like to see in the world, we can make a change. WE WILL MAKE A CHANGE.

It starts with every individual. It starts with YOU! You have always a choice, how bad the situation might seem to be. You can be focused on the negative site or the positive side. Fear or love..

We have no idea how powerful we are as a collective. Have you ever thought about the fact that darkness can’t exist in the light? It starts with each and everyone of us. Change the way you think, feel, act and behave… No one is, can and never will be in charge of your happiness. It is what you create for yourself… Step up for you! And automatically for the world by choosing LOVE instead of fear. Choose to see only that what you prefer to see.

The world needs everyone of us to step in our own light and to be the positive change, so love can rule the world…  SEE WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND YOU WILL SEE IT!! become it, BE IT.

Every wave starts with a ripple, let’s turn this ripple into a giant wave.


I spy with my little eye….. and see what you might not see yet…. It’s a world in love

3 thoughts on “Focus on what you want to see and see it.

  1. Maartje says:

    Lets do it!! You made me open up my eyes again after some difficult days. I am seeing the positive sides again and by focusing on these sides, only those sides.. I feel so much better! Thanks sis, you are my inspiration! Xx

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