Above the clouds

  I’m in Maui, Hawaii, after 4 flights. Amsterdam-Londen- Los Angeles –San Fransico – Maui. I like to fly. There are not many places were random people are together , reading, sleeping, being quiet and/or excited to go to the next destination. I love to be high up in the sky above the clouds. I’m staring out the window. The sun is always shining and there is so much space. It makes me feel still inside and clear. Nothing to say, just being with all those human beings around me I’ve never seen or met before. Life is simple above the clouds. Clear, open, sunny. It gave me an inside. Metaphorically speaking, we can choose to be above the clouds in daily life. What I mean by that is, that we get easily distracted in the mist and rain. Distracted by our emotions, circumstances and (negative) thoughts. The mist and rain are layers and the curtains of how we use to feel and how we want to feel. There is nothing wrong with being in the mist, rain or storm as long we enjoy it. But if we do not, we can choose to be above the clouds by raising our frequency so we can fly ‘higher’. Simply by choosing positive thoughts, by not letting the circumstances disturb us, because we choose not to. We don’t have to ignore the rain and mist, we can acknowledge it and choose for the sun and go above/beyond. The sun, endless space and clarity will meet us. Outer and inner space. In that space inspiration, clarity, possibilities, peace and love can easily find us.

2 thoughts on “Above the clouds

  1. David says:

    ? Awesome. Thanks for your thoughts, it makes me think and look for the sun above the clouds. Best wishes.

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