Don’t try, just do.

How often do we say? “I will try”. “I don’t know If I can do it, but I’ll try”. What does trying actually mean? What are you saying to yourself and others? “I want to do it, but I don’t think I can, so when I say I’ll try, I give myself the permission to ‘fail’ ”? “I know already that I’m not gonna make it, but with trying I’ll show that at least I did my best”? Trying is going in the direction with doubt, you are not sure. It is an excuse for your fear. Change saying: “I’ll try” in the words to “I’ll do it.” The power of the words I AM GOING TO DO IT has a 100% intention to really DO it and to go for it. I’LL TRY is a split energy. Fear is included… you have the intention, but you lack energy, because you are not sure. If you do not give 100% of your attention, you can not expect to get 100% back. How can you ever win black jack if you put 50% of the money on black, and the other 50% on red. You have to go all in. All or nothing. The things is, you can’t fail. You only can learn. You don’t try to walk or to move your arm. You simply do. There is no trying involved. What would happen if you try to walk over a 3cm wide rope on 1000ft to get to the other side of the river. You have to be sure you are all in, otherwise you are dead. You are not thinking about trying. You do it, or you don’t. Trying is not an option. 100% of your attention has to be focused on making it happen. What do you have to loose anyway? Unless you like to stay were you are. Witch is all good. If you do not get the outcome you expected, you were still doing it. If you want to grow, If you want to live your dreams, if you want to explore and make things happen… Be sure you are all in.
“I’ll try” = I am doing it, but I have doubts and fear about it. = split energy = Less than 100% focus = Less than 100% result = for sure that you don’t get the outcome you want. “I do it” = doing it already = decision = statement = 100% focus = 100% succeeding = the result or a valuable learning lesson, so you will succeed more than 100% the next time, or the next time.
Explore the power of STATING that you DO and expecting you’ll succeed. You’ll succeed by doing anyway! The only difference is that the outcome can be different than you expected. Don’t try, just DO! 

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