Born to be a shepherd

I’m on my way to Boulder, Colorado. Yes I am! I really enjoyed Maui. The nature, the climate and landscape diversity, the flowers, the palm trees, the beaches, the ocean (wildlife), the energy of the island and much more..  So much to see, to feel and to discover. The last days we went for some hikes. We found some forests, caves and we walked into the Haleakala crater. It’s almost to much to take it all in.

Even tough Maui is amazing and my time here felt way to short to see and do everything, I felt like leaving. I am in another vibe than my trips around the world. This time I’m not here to just travel around. I want to create a new life, the life of my highest excitement. It isn’t crystal clear yet, but I follow the ‘breadcrumbs’.

The retreat and the time in Maui brought me many insights. I felt like walking on the highest mountain tops and trough the deepest valleys emotionally. I know those periods of extremes very well, I’m used to it. I love it and I hate it. It’s never in between. It’s never boring. The contrast makes me feel alive (and also a little bi-polar;).

On Maui I was learned to love the ‘valley’. Periods of deep ‘downs’ means; a lot of insights, realizations and a shift to a more awakened version of myself. Re-aligning with my truest self. Letting go of emotional baggage and patterns that no longer serve me, so my purest light can shine trough brighter than before.

There are some moments that I just want to have a ‘normal life’, whatever that means. A regular job, house, pet… etc. like most people. But I realised that I CANT. This is what I want, this is who I am, this is what I suppose to do. I rather die then not living the life I want to live, what I suppose to live. The reasons why I’m here for. Whatever it takes. I follow my resonance, my heart, my intuition!

I’m not born to be a sheep. I’m born to be a shepherd. WE are not born to be sheeps, WE are born to be shepherds!!

Bye bye magical Hawaii, thank you for your care and love. This shepherd is off to boulder. Whoeii!


One thought on “Born to be a shepherd

  1. Nel says:

    Wat n diepgaande ervaringen! Bpulder Colorado…..was ik in 2001 ook. Net na kerst. Wish I was there again. Ik wens je toe dat je vindt wat je nodig hebt. Luefs, Nel

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