8 'Would You Rather' Questions That Makes You Think About Life, Death And Talking Animals


I used to play it with my friends all the time. We would come up with the most ridiculous, fun or deep questions. Sometimes impossible to answer, 1. because you absolutely don't what to choose or 2. because you can't choose.

Let's play!


  1. Alien abduction or time travel
    Would you rather be taken on a wild ride through the galaxy by aliens, OR go back in time to meet your ancestors?

  2. Death with purpose or without meaning
    Would you rather die 1 year from now while fulfilling a greater purpose and leaving a legacy, OR die in 70 years peacefully without purpose or meaning?

  3. Power & control or love & support
    Would you rather have the power to control everything in your own life and the lives of others, OR always have the love and support of those closest but no control whatsoever?

  4. Reincarnate on a different planet or on Earth
    Would you rather incarnate as a newbie on an unknown, but more advanced planet OR be reborn in a new life on Earth?

  5. Success or happiness
    Would you rather be highly successful in your career and give up one sense organ OR be content and happy with what you have staying perfectly healthy until you die?

  6. Knowing your or your loved ones death
    Would you rather know exactly when and how you will die, OR now exactly when and how all of your loved ones will die?

  7. Know all or blissful ignorance
    Would you rather know every little thing about the world and the people around you, OR live in 'blissful' ignorance without any information?

  8. Talking animals or flying unicorn
    Would you rather have conversations with animals OR fly around town on the back of a unicorn?

    What is your favourite?

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