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Living with my sister turned out to be a Masterclass

 I lived together with my sister for a year in a nice apartment in the middle of city Arnhem, 2 years ago. My sister Maartje: A very successful business woman, a passionate hotel manager. She makes music and sings at weddings, parties, parks, cafe’s etc. She has almost every day a coffee/lunch/diner date with a […]

Nothing has to become all right first… it’s all right already.

“When I have that job, this relationship, house, business, etc..…  than everything will be all right. Only then will I be happy”. From this state of being, you can never get that job, relationship or that which you desire the most. It is always now. Tomorrow never comes, and neither does the time what we […]

Perfect challenges on the perfect Island, Maui!

I posted in my recent blog post the picture: “So the adventure begins”… It did!  Since I left it is quite an adventure. What a beautiful Island is Maui, Hawaii. I stepped into paradise. Sun, palmtrees, beautiful beaches, flowers, whales jumping out of the water all around. The first days I could cry almost every […]

A closet full of 2ndhand, exchange and selfmade clothes!

I was starring at my closet this morning.. I couldn’t choose what to wear. By scanning the clothes I was thinking about the last time I went shopping. I mean really shopping.. coming back with more-than-1-or-2-pieces, -with-5-bags like shopping. I couldn’t remember. I guess the last time was a long time before my trip around […]