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My parents gave me the name Roeleke, my friends around the globe call me Roo, like the baby kangaroo in the story of Winnie the Poo.


As long as I can remember, I had always a million questions about WHY we do the things in school, society and the world as we do. It didn’t make any sense and for a long time I wanted the world ‘out there’ to be different. I was rebelling against everything. Waiting for the world to change. This caused a lot of suffering and pain, till I realized that I was fighting myself and that I only had to give myself permission to choose my own way. Scary at first, afraid to be rejected, to fail and to disappoint or lose family and friends, but what I have discovered is worth everything, because it is everything. I traveled the world to find myself, but I never found the girl I thought I was looking for. I discovered something much greater.


I found freedom by realizing that I AM much bigger than this person, with a name, and that I AM already free, no matter where I go or what I do. No matter what happens.


Free to explore and express myself in ways that give me joy!

With all that is available now a day, and with an awakening planet, it is possible to make huge paradigm shifts to a more natural and meaningful way of living. We are free to learn and to express ourselves in our own unique way, at our own speed, in that what is in our best interest.  


It’s up to me and you, to redirect our focus to a world we want to live in and to start living our limitless nature in joy, by helping each other grow. All we have to ‘do’ is to trust in the bigger part of ourselves and to let go of everything that we are not, so that who we truly are can reveal itself naturally. Love, freedom and joy is what remains, It’s our natural state of being.


Being and radiating this to the best of my ability, in all that I am and all that I do, is what excites me the most. Empowering and elevating life on planet earth. To create global change, one heart at the time!


 I invite you to come out to play, to get to know yourself and to step it up!

It’s what you deserve, it’s what the world deserves. 


Play, mediate, learn and co-create with me!

With love,


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