Nothing has to become all right first… it’s all right already.

“When I have that job, this relationship, house, business, etc..…  than everything will be all right. Only then will I be happy”. From this state of being, you can never get that job, relationship or that which you desire the most. It is always now. Tomorrow never comes, and neither does the time what we call future. It is always Now. It will always be now,.. this present moment. The subconscious mind can not differentiate between past, present or future, nor between a lie, fantasy or truth. If you can’t be happy in this moment, you’ll keep waiting your entire life and asking yourself the question, “why it doesn’t come?”… You have to make peace with where and who you are. THIS moment is as important as THIS moment, as THIS one, and THIS one. You can only decide in THIS moment how you feel and what you focus on. Become aware of the fact that you have to feel good in order to attract what you want, as if it exist already. Even if the circumstances are not proof of that. You, yourself have to change first. No matter what the conditions are, you can talk yourself into that place of feeling good. Appreciate the things in your life that you like. If you can’t find anything to feel good about in your life, than simply appreciate the light of the sun, the comfort of your bed, the beating of your heart, the trees that keep on growing, etc, etc. There is always something you can focus on that does feel good. It might take some practice, to keep you as much as possible in that good feeling state, but it is definitely worth the efforts. You know what you desire, you trust that you will attract it in your experience and you feel happy in this moment, no matter what the conditions are. Everything is working out for you, always. You are in a perfect place already and everything is all right!! The NOW moment is your point of attraction. You can’t change the mirror. You have to start smiling first in order to get that lovely face smiling back at you! Repeat this mantra as often as you’d like: Everything is working out for me, always and I trust that everything is all right.

3 thoughts on “Nothing has to become all right first… it’s all right already.

  1. Adriana Kooij says:

    Beautifully written. Roeleke! I am só proud to know you and follow you in your journey. You are a beautiful wise young woman. You inspire me time after time!!!

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