Hey You, fellow seeker of truth

I am glad you are here, because you are here for a reason. You’ve probably read many self-help books, may have joined a few courses, gained quite a bit of self knowledge and maybe even had some glimpses of the truth in the form of mystical experiences, yet you are struggling to maintain and live what you know to be true on a day-to-day basis. In other words: To BE your truest self, to live your art and to be a beacon of light.


If this is you, then I’ve got something for you!  
THE 50 DAYS of Destiny GAME


What is it?

The 50 Days of Destiny game is a transformational program wherein you break the spell of your destructive, time and energy-consuming habits by committing to a powerful method, designed to help you focus, practice and prioritize your alignment in your everyday life. The game will also help you face and heal the wounded and unappreciated parts of yourself.


In this game you will move from thinking and talking about spirituality to actually being your (preferred) self in thought, word and deed. You can see this game as your higher self assistant that makes it simple, practical and highly effective to BE yourself, to LIVE your Art and to CREATE your preferred reality.


You ask…

»  How can I balance and ground myself in these uncertain times?
»  How can I stay focused on the positive and deliberately create my reality?
»  How can I be of service and efficiently bring forth what I came here to do
»  How can I integrate my spiritual practice into my day to day life?
»  How can I use this time to my advantage to come out stronger and most aligned? 
»  How can I be comfortable and stable in my own being and a shining light for others to find peace and nurturing love in this time of great change?


Imagine if…

You knew the answers to these questions and knew exactly what to do and  how to show up in this season with grace and clarity.

You had a precise roadmap that helps you to create a rock solid foundation spiritually and practically.

You could finally crack the code by playing a game to break through your limiting beliefs and negative influencing habits in a practical way.

You didn’t (over)think so much, because you know what you want and what your priorities are. 

WHAT IF YOU COULD TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN 50 DAYS BY PLAYING A GAME AND HAVE ALL YOU NEED AT YOUR FINGERTIPS?  — 9 playful weeks of setting the stage, making up your rules, learning to focus and prioritize, cutting out the bullshit, playing your best game & living your truth…  

Sign me up!

Let me tell you a little more..

The 50 Days of Destiny game is about embodying your best self from day 1. Before you start playing the game, you are going to investigate what it is you truly want and desire, you will form a vision, set your intentions and design your daily architecture accordingly. When you are all set, all that is needed is dedication, focus and the willingness to persist for 50 days.

You know already that you are creating your own reality and that your thoughts are magnetic. You are a powerful creator, but you haven’t realized yet how much of your power you still give away to things that do not serve your highest good. In the meantime, you waste energy and valuable time by making up excuses, telling yourself the same old story and allowing yourself to be triggered by people and circumstances.

We are all guilty, aren’t we? Let’s just own it, so we can do something about it. Playing the 50 Days of Destiny game for example.


Yes, I want this!


In an online course environment, you will be walked through everything you need to set up and play your best game, including assignments and resources to take you as deep as you wish to go. 


Know yourself AND Your blueprint

Discover who who you (truly) are, what your blueprint is and what you envision for yourself by connecting with the bigger part of you that already knows. Here you will get clear on your intention, desire(s) and vision. This is the foundation and core of the game.



Design your game with habits that are in alignment with your vision, and that will help you continuously deepen the connection with yourself. Cut out or limit unproductive habits and optimize your environment to support your vision.



Create your own rules and accountability with game lives and a buddy to ensure your success. Our online community is the perfect place to connect with like-minded people and find support over your 50 day journey and beyond.


Game on!

Here is where the magic happens! You play your 50 Days Of Destiny Game. Each week a new theme will be available with content, questions to ponder and support during your transformational journey. It all has one purpose: To help you fall in love with the totality of you, your light & your shadows, to become more aware of yourself and align with your destiny as intended.


“It showed me what is possible”

For me, playing the 50 days of destiny game has all been about Self Mastery. Choosing the habits and routines to implement, carving out time for self reflection and self-care in my busy schedule. It showed me what is possible to achieve with seemingly small decisions like meditating daily. In the end, it has been about nothing less but prioritizing myself, my own vision and my purpose. Trusting deeply in myself and trusting that this is the best path to also serve others. I am delighted to see that the program is now available for anybody, literally at our fingertips. Time to play the game of life. Your life.

Jannik Kaiser

Co- founder of Unity Effect    Bonn-Germany

50 Days of expanding, growing & learning


“Change is the end result of all true learning.”  — Leo Buscaglia



“The results were life changing”

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the ‘50 days of destiny’ program. The results were life changing. Simply by creating a daily routine I managed to transform into a more aligned/centered version of myself. There is a saying by J.Maxwell “the secret of your success is found in your daily routine” – this is very true.

I decided to introduce 30 seconds of cold water submersion as a daily habit. This involved taking a cold shower or jumping in the ocean. Living across the street from the sea, I felt drawn to jump in once a day, pushing myself outside my comfort zone. This habit blossomed into meeting a new group of friends and then catering a big party for them – my favorite musician even attended the event! Whatever it is that you wish to change about yourself; the sure-fire way to achieve this is to develop better habits. This program is individually designed and I highly recommend it for anyone who thrives to be the best version of themselves.

Lindsay Loudon

Cook & Caterer     Vancouver-Canada

Let me guess..

You have been waiting for something good to happen during these weary times! Well… this might be it! The solution is to get on top of your world in these challenging times of change.

When the world is suffering it’s easy to play small

What we most need in these times of rapid societal transformation are courageous, clear, confident and aligned people showing up to guide and remind the rest of us that:

Yes, there is hope in this. Yes, It is okay to shine bright and Yes, you can turn the other cheek to keep your vibe high, so you can focus on creating a new world and a new reality for all. 

A part of you might still be secretly hoping this all will pass soon, so everything can go back to normal, but you deep down know it won’t and that this is actually the beginning of something new.

This is the time of ‘The Great Awakening’ that many masters talked about. The time when everything that is hiding in the dark will be seen and exposed. The time when we are remembering our truth… Uncomfortable and exciting at the same time. 

IT’S IN THESE TIMES we are asked to dive within to find and live the truth

You are the gift and the solution to the world. Discover who you truly are so you will find and radiate the love that is your essence, for love is the solution to all.

Let me introduce myself


I am an artist and a seeker of truth. In my search for the truth I traveled the world, read tons of books and learned from great masters…  they all were an important part of my journey, but it was never enough or satisfying until finally I discovered where it all was pointing to and that I am already THAT, IT, before the cluttered mind, limited beliefs and distracting habits. Free to be, to play and to create! To make it a day to day living experience I realized that it takes practice, devotion and dedication to peel off the layers and cut through the bullshit of my mind.

The question “How much of what I know to be true am I actually living on a day to day basis?” and “How much do I want what I say I want?” is what I asked myself. The answer to those questions gave birth to The 50 Days of Destiny game. A solid daily structure that allows me to practice, focus, play and BE who I want to be and create my preferred reality. 

Doing my spiritual practices has become the most important and enjoyable part of my day, while everything else flourishes simultaneously as it has become part of the practice. My desire, dedication and motivation keeps on growing, because the results are continuously beyond my expectations. Peace, flow, inspiration and (self) love is what I’ve been searching for all along. I am living my calling, sharing my art and doing what I came here to do in an indescribable state of joy. That is what I desire for you too and it is what this game is all about! 

Keep showing up, keep doing the work, and I promise to keep doing the same, right here by your side.

In love,



“my clarity, willpower, inner calmness and energy level boosted”

Everybody is programmed and everybody has challenges in life that intend to push him towards change and consciousness. Human development never seems to stop but it can go at different speeds… I am always up for a new challenge and a way to level up and get to where I want to be as smoothly and fast as I can. And that is exactly what the “50 days of destiny game” did for me!

First it made clear to me what the most sensitive and weakest parts of my programming were and what kind of support they needed. Then it helped me to know and understand myself and my life-theme better to get my wishes and desires aligned with my daily habits and exercises. Finally it gave me a great and clear structure to break through my old programmings and boosted my clarity, willpower, inner calmness and energy level greatly!

After more than 50 days of this game I can highly recommend it to everyone who wants to really make a deliberate change for the good in his life and not only reach long desired personal goals but also become more at peace and harmony with what exists and the personal SELF.

Felix Scheffel

Naturopath & Coach    MunichGermany



“Don’t punch the target, punch through the target.”  — Bruce Lee


So how much does it cost?

When you enroll TODAY, your transformation starts within minutes:

»    Immediate access to the 9 week program
»    Tools to get clarity on who you are and want to be
»    Step by step guidance in designing your life’s architecture
»    All you need to set up the best game you’ll ever play
»    Weekly Deep Dive themes with assignments 
»    Exclusive 50 Days of Destiny Community of like minded people
»    Human Design mini course

+  Much more (that you will discover when you take the leap)

No need to tell you that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and that its true value is priceless!

I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is serious about transforming their life, no matter where you are at. This game is powerful, playful and empowering. You will find all the tools and resources to play the game at your desired level!

It’s fully up to you to go where you’ve never BEEN before!



When does the game start?

The game can start anytime. You don’t have to wait for anyone or anything.

What happens after I've signed up?

You get access to my online platform “My Destiny Academy. 

After signing up you will receive an email with your account details. Click on the link in the email and log into the online Academy. You will be guided step by step to PLAY YOUR BEST GAME & Transform your life! 

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program is 9 weeks.
»    Min 10 days of preparation (Intro + Phase 1 & 2)
»    50 days of playing the game (Phase 3)
»    3 days to “Wrap it up”!

It is totally possible to take your time to get ready for the most transformative game of your life. You prep as long as you need. A lot of valuable content will be shared in the first phase of the game to inquire and study, so I highly recommend to go at your own pace, before you start with your 50 days game! 

Is personal support available ?

YES, You will get access to the 50 days of Destiny Community wherein you can connect with fellow players and ask as many questions as you want, also three 50 Days of Destiny Coaches are available for you anytime you need a little extra support (extra fee).  And of course, you can reach out by sending an email to mail@roeleke.com.

Is this something for me?

This is something for you if you can answer the following questions with a yes!

  • Do I care about my life and my life’s mission?
  • Am I ready to break up with my limiting believes and habits?
  • Am I willing to let go of my life as I used to know it, to live a life that is in alignment with my highest truth?
  • Do I want grow in consciousness and expand beyond my imagination?
  • Am I ready to explore the unknown?

YES? Then this is for you without a doubt!


What is the Human Design System?

Human Design is a complex system of individualism. The knowledge is a combination of ancient knowledge and science. Imagine you are pursuing knowledge about your Self through the synthesis of genetic and I’Ching, biochemistry, the chakra system, astrology and quantum physics. 

The Human Design system shows your unique blueprint through a Rave chart called the Bodygraph. It explains your blueprint in a logical way. It shows the conscious and unconscious side of you, your characteristics, your roles in this life and much more.

How can I pay?

You can pay with Paypall or a credit card. If you don’t have Paypal or a credit card send a message to mail@roeleke.com and we will make sure you have access in no-time. 

I still have doubts

A great master once said.. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”. 

If you also have a little faith….  Go for it. 

I don't have any doubts

Awesome! Life is waiting for yah!