The star of your movie

I am the movie star in my own movie. I make it a game and it goes like this..

Pretend that you step into a movie. A movie that’s about to start. A movie about you. “Once upon a time there was…”  and make up a story yourself. Make the story as enjoyable as you want it to be. ‘Act’ like the one who you like to be in the movie. Be aware of your behavior, your reaction to others and the situation. Observe your ‘movie  set’ in detail. Look around to see how perfectly the set up for your scene is created. Whether you are on a party or just walking on the street. See how everything is placed in perfect harmony. Even if you feel pretty good already, you can always add some more flavours to the story. There is always a way to expand. 

The story has no limits, it doesn’t have to be realistic. Visualize limitlessness. Watch what happens around you. It is so much fun.

What is the point of all of this?  It is to uplift yourself and therefor inevitably others. To be less serious, more playful.To feel more appreciation for everything around you. It is a permission slip to a better feeling state. If you feel like the person you want to be, you’ll actually be that person already! Be brave enough to fully allow yourself to use your unlimited imagination. When you practice this, you will start to believe and see that things are possible, because the movie will start to feel pretty real.

Feel as if you live your dream life already and see yourself doing the things you desire to do. Make the story come to life by living it. Be that person, the star of your own movie! Make it a great one!!

Whatever you can imagine has the potential to become reality



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