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Hi, Thank you for being here.


I am a freedom catalyst, artist, adventurer, rebel, writer and nobody.


I help you to re-discover your playful, creative and unlimited nature and to embody the life you intend to live.

Meditation, playing and doing the things we love, are the keys to wake up from the dream of limitations. It’s about moving out of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic and all good shit happens. It’s where you’ll find YOU!


I am here to invite, assist and facilitate you. I offer one on one sessions, I host and organize creative, adventurous and silent events and I facilitate transformative retreats.


If you want to work with me or if you have any questions, shoot me a message!


I am here for you, to invite and help you to become the best version of yourself. In Dutch and English.


Program “Being not dead, is something else than being ALIVE”! STARTING IN SEPTEMBER


Exciting adventure to Egypt that will bring you closer to you! and makes you come alive!


It might not be crystal clear what it is you want to do, but by making the decision to listen to your heart and to trust the path, it will become clear along the way. Promise! It is the best gift you can give to yourself and the world.


Life evolves and changes in the most surprisingly ways, nothing is secure when you put all your trust on your mind. You mind doesn’t really know, have you noticed? And it doesn’t have to know when you learn to trust your heart. It knows, better than you do. It will lead and guide you in bringing out the best, beyond your imagination. You don’t even have to choose between everything you love to do or experience, why not doing and being it all?


It is possible. Everything is possible. Don’t take my words for it, proof it to yourself. 


I believe that we learn the most by doing the things we love, and by proving to ourselves that we are cable of so much more than we think. We increase our consciousness by constantly questioning what we believe ourselves to be.


It is in the moments that we stop thinking that we step out of our own way. In those moments the truth shines through effortlessly. It’s the ART of life. Once we know what that feels like, it won’t let us go.


Pain, A teacher, a catalyst with a purpose a build in alarm, a signal. A warning and a friend Knocking on the door For swimming upstream For stressing out for to long For distorted beliefs For not listening Pain, Valuable for change Destructing and destroying Shredding and heart breaking To purify and heal To dust of the diamond To flower and grow To make you bow and surrender, To let go and flow Pain, inevitable Not to be avoided Not to be ignored Not to be suppressed a powerful messenger To be listened to To welcome in when it arrives......

Your heart knows It knows the way It knows the road Over mountains and trough valleys. In bloom and through fall It knows and paves the path It guides and it leads It whispers in your ear Listen. To the whispering and guidance. It will lead you back from where you started To the place you’ve always been To the place you can call home. Listen And follow It knows....

I stare at the photo. For the first time I see something I have never seen before. For the first time I experience something I’ve never experienced. What I look at is not just a capture of a playful moment. What I experience is not like other experiences. It’s more and nothing. Strong, naked and pure. It is as if I have never seen this woman. But I know her. As I know everything else. A tear rolls down my cheek. I can’t stop looking. I am looking at a photo of what I believed to be me. At that......

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